Welcome! Apex the specialist in band saw blades, circular saw blades, and various sharpening & stellite  machines wishes you a very nice surf on our site .We do export our band saw blades & circular saw blades all over the world, & for you??
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Wet sharpening machine

We are happy to introduce you the BARACUDA 500, a versatile & compact side -grinding machine.

Other side-grinding machines, more powerfull, like the BARACUDA 1000 are also available.

Please consult us, we have other possibilites, & we can find the right side-grinding machine for you.


Wet sharpening machines

 Among our various sharpening machines,we are pleased to present you the Shark 500 & Shark 1000.( both are wet sharpeners) .



Other sharpening  machines are available like the Shark 750 or Shark 3000, & they allow the sharpening of the band saws with  a more automatic method.

Please consult us.